Updating Sampression Pro

by sampression

Updating Sampression Pro

Login to your Sampression.com account and download the latest version of Sampression Pro theme from Available Downloads section.

The following instructions assume that you have not made any changes in the theme file or you are using a child theme.

You can update the theme by using Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin or do one of the following:


  1. Unzip the new theme in a folder.
  2. Rename the Folder (e.g. sampression-pro-new).
  3. Compress the folder into a zip file.
  4. Upload the theme using the WordPress Dashboard.
  5. Activate new version of the theme.


  1. On your Dashboard, go to: Appearance > Themes and activate any other theme.
  2. Delete the old Sampression Pro theme.
  3. Upload the new theme using the WordPress Dashboard.
  4. Activate the new theme.
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